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First Time Melatonin Use (Review)

Hello everyone, this morning I used Melatonin for the first time and would just like to reflect upon it. I will write a more in depth article about Melatonin after I have had more experience with it. These are just my initial thoughts.

I’ve never had difficulty staying asleep, but falling asleep has always been an issue for me. I remember when I was still living with my parents, I would stay up and lay in bed for hours or mess around on the computer before falling asleep at night. And then having to get up early for school. I still do that at times to this day. Although, it’s not as big of a problem these days since I have a lot of nothing going on, except on the days I work. With me working overnights now, it’s especially difficult to fall asleep in the daylight. I’ve taken other over the counter sleeping pills which were… not that good. But my girlfriend recommended Melatonin a while back to me so I thought I should try it. 

My shift ended at 7:00am this morning. I popped one of my 5mg Melatonin pills that I bought yesterday at about 7:05, right before I left for work. *Please note that the warning label states not to drive on Melatonin.* And then hopped in my car to go home. I arrived home at about 7:20. I then ate a couple of breakfast burritos that I picked up on the way home. After I finished eating, I could feel the drowsiness start to kick in a little. So, I crawled into bed. It was only a matter of minutes before I noticed my limbs were getting really heavy and my eyes did not want to stay open. Then I was out. This was probably about 7:35 or so.

My girlfriend woke me up at 11:45, wanting to have sex. I actually was trying to get out of it because the Melatonin’s effects still had a firm grip on me. But she talked me into it. Getting hard wasn’t an issue, but I had to work unusually hard to cum. It was almost like trying to have an orgasm while on DXM.

After the sex, I had no problem falling back asleep woke back up at around 2:30pm, feeling fairly refreshed.

I was really impressed with this substance and will defiantly be frequenting it. I’ve read that it causes a lot of people to have lucid dreams, but I did not experience that. I think it could also have some potential being mixed with other substances or maybe calming an intense trip down… we’ll see.

Remember, different substances affect everyone differently. This information is based on my experience with Melatonin and are my sole opinions. If you have any questions about Melatonin that I may not have answered, please don’t hesitate to email me at codywilson2007@gmail.com.


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